Pandash (pandash) wrote in whitecats,



Casper is the most awesome cat in the world ever. We got him from the Cats Protection League. He was found in a garden with an air rifle pellet stuck in his leg, they rescued him and we adopted him.  He is around 10 years old now, and he's still as feisty as ever, despite all his problems.

He had lumps in his belly that had to be operated on, he's been bitten alot by the neighbouring cats and been on medicine, and most recently, he was accidently run over and at death's door, but miraculously he is still with us and bouncing around as per usual!

 Casper is completely white with no other markings... except when he goes under a car in the street and gets oil on the top of his ears, or on his coat :P 



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A handsome and resilient buddy!
I like the 3rd photo a lot.
YAY, I also have a pure white Casper that was a rescue kitty. :) My favorite cat ever, meaning no disrespect to the fine beasts that preceded him. Our guy is only two - I hope he lives furever. Ear scritches to your older gentleman and I hope he lasts much, much longer - sounds like he's gone through a few lives already.
He is gorgeous, but then again we're biased here. :) He definitely has been working through his 9 lives, eh?
What a feisty boy :) And tough, and beautiful! My Blanche does this too, with going under the parked cars, and then coming out looking like a dalmatian...